Young Rapper Murdered After Flaunting Gold Jewelry And Cash On Social Media (Photo)

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David Mota

David Mota flaunted cash on his social media page

A rapper who shared his 'billionaire lifestyle' with fans online has been found tortured to death by burglars.

David Mota, known as Mota Jr, was found dead after he was reported missing over two months ago.

The Portuguese musician went missing on March 15, when it is believed he was kidnapped outside of his family home in the municipality of Sintra.

The rapper's mother, Filomena Mota, said he had received a phone call in the middle of the night to go down to the door of the building.

It is believed he was then abducted by two armed men in hoods.

Speaking to TVI in April, Filomena said she received a call from a neighbour at 2am asking if her son was okay - and she then realised he was not in his room.

She also said she found her son's hat and slippers at the entrance to the building, as well as splashes of blood in the elevator, suspecting that Mota Jr had been abducted.

Filomena also revealed that on the night of the abduction she answered a call made to Mota Jr’s phone, from a girl who claimed she was going to enter the building with him when instead two men pointed a gun at the young man and sent her away.

The rap artist was renowned for posting images of gold jewellery, luxury cars and wads of cash on social media.

Despite bragging of a billionaire lifestyle on social media and in his music videos, it has since been revealed the rapper was not a billionaire at all.

Police believe Mota Jr was tortured by his kidnappers as they demanded information on the whereabouts of his hidden wealth and luxury items.

It is alleged he was then killed by his kidnappers - who came back the next day when the house was empty and used Mota Jr’s keys to get inside and rob the family home.

More than two months after he was reported missing, the 28-year-old’s body was found in a wooded area some 50 kilometres from his home.

According to TVI24, Mota Jr’s body was found on Monday, however it took until Tuesday to identify the body due to a high state of decomposition.

The country's Judiciary Police have launched an investigation.

Authorities have treated the case as a possible abduction and murder since the investigation began.

The body has been taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine for an autopsy, the results of which have not been released.

The rapper found fame after featuring on the hit Ca Bu Fla Ma Nau with fellow hip-hop artist Piruka which has been viewed over 21 million times on YouTube.

Mota Jr reportedly claimed that Piruka owed him money from the song but Piruka denies this.

The investigation is ongoing.


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May is gentle soul soul rest in perfect peace

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Wetin person no go see

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Don't show your self next time

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Rest in peace, God we be with you

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Those are alive know how to vet brain 

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Rest In Peace mr handsome 

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Oba Collins
1 week ago

How much does he have in his acct...

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So painful may his soul rest in peace

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Jibril Lawal
1 week ago

fans online has been found tortured to death by burglars.

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Cute guy oo

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Is a pity may he rip

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King Sharpiro
1 week ago

See money o

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Sadiq Ibrahim
1 week ago

Money is talking so what are saying

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Most rappers belongs to gangs

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