How to know you are proud

By Ajimuda Oluwasegun Peter   1 week ago   51


 *1. If you cannot* submit yourself to higher authority.

 *2. If you find it* difficult to accept corrections.

 *3. If you are too big* to say “sorry”.

 *4. If you think that* your success or achievements are based on your efforts.

 *5. If you don’t have* respect for people.

 *6. If you are always* feeling superior to others.

 *7. If you always want to control* or dominate others.

 *8. If you think that you* are better than other people.

 *9. If you cannot work under* those with lesser qualifications.

 *10. If you always want people* to respect and honour you.

 *11. If you want people to* notice you anywhere you go.

 *12. If you are a graduate and you* feel too big to do any small job till you get a big one.

 *13. If you cannot marry* those with lesser qualifications(especially as a female).

 *14. If you are always angry* at those who correct you.

 *15. If you avoid those* who criticize you.

 *16. If you feel* too big to learn.

 *17. If you feel ashamed* to ask questions about what you don’t know.

 *18. If you are always bragging* about your achievements/connections.

 *19. If you don’t consider it necessary to say* “thank you” to those who help you.

 *20. If you desire to always be* addressed by your title.

 *21. If you think that nobody* knows more than you.

 *22. If you think that you cannot* make mistakes.

 *23. If you are fond of blaming others* for your actions/inactions

 *24. If you think that you know* everything in life.

 *25. Pride limits a man's destiny* 
Pride destroys glory
Pride devalues grace and anointing

 *26. The earlier we make a change* and accept adequate corrections.

 *27 When you look at those who helped* you to get to the top as nothing.

 *28 When you refused to appreciate those* who have been a blessing to your life even when you have over enough to do so. 

 *29 When message of God has no value or meaning to you* through the same man of God or person God has tremendously used for your upliftment. 

 *30 When you are too* officious about position.

Don't be conscious of tittle, *'Be HUMBLE'* Remember God resist the proud,but gives Grace to the humble.

*The truth is that we are all proud in a way,BUT PLEASE LET US WORK ON IT. 🙏🏾😄😁😃* 



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Godwin James
1 week ago

IntresInter but I an not proud of myself

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I am submissive not proud of anything

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Umukoro Ufuoma
1 week ago

Come on with all you just mentioned we all have 4 or 5 of those attributes

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Nice information

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Adewole Philip
5 days ago

Don't tell me I know am proud

(Quote) (Likes)

Interesting story we have to see ourselves as one nothing more than that 

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5 days ago

official language, excluding Nigeria. Outside Nigeria, you can find large yoruba-speaking communities in Togo😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

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Very interesting good to hear

(Quote) (Likes)

hmm i have being suffering from this for long

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