Top 10 Ways to Clear Acne

By Sotobi Moyosore   6 days ago   37

While you may find tons of different creams and cosmetic products that claim to help acne disappear within a few weeks, not all of them will work. It’s not surprising considering that a problem that has its roots inside the body is being treated by using topical creams. There are several reasons for those frequent acne flare-ups, but here are some simple tips and tricks that may help you reduce the appearance of acne that can embarrass you so much at social gatherings. Read on to know more... Top 10 Ways to Clear Acne Drink up! Spiking up your water intake is one of the best natural ways to both prevent and tackle acne. Water, in general, tends to detoxify the body and helps to get rid of all toxins that may have been causing the acne. What’s more, researchers have found how increasing water intake could also boost the flow of blood throughout the body and the skin, which thereby promotes overall health, including skin health. Make sure you get your 7-8 glasses of water a day, or a similar quantity of fluid in different forms such as juices and soups. Top 10 Ways to Clear Acne: Drink Water Carrot Power Known for their beta carotene and fiber content, carrots make for a great ‘must-add to the diet’ for all those suffering from acne outbreaks. Carrots are also rich in vitamin A, which helps keep the outer protective layer of the skin healthy, and reduces the production of sebum, which thereby helps prevent acne eruption Exfoliate! Accumulation of dirt and grime in the pores of the skin also causes acne and pimples, which is why exfoliation is another skin routine that is necessary, especially if you’re someone who stays outdoors for a long time during the day. Using a natural, gentle exfoliant will promote circulation of blood to the skin and maintain its health, and also help remove dead skin cells, dirt and grime that may have clogged the pores. Top 10 Ways to Clear Acne: Exfoliate Turmeric it! Turmeric is a staple in all Indian food preparations, and is known for its distinct yellow color. Turmeric is a wonderful antibacterial agent as well. Turmeric also contains a compound known as curcumin, which is believed to help reduce inflammation of tissues and redness of acne-prone skin. Adding more of this to your food preparations could help lessen the appearance of aggravated acne. Top 10 Ways to Clear Acne: Turmeric Exercise Exercise isn’t just to keep you fit- moderate physical activity is thought to help prevent high blood pressure, obesity and even curb stress, which makes it a great natural remedy for those suffering from stress-related acne. Exercising is also known to improve blood circulation and to aid in detoxification of the body, which is why you should put on your track pants and go out for a quick jog as often as you can.[NewsNaira]

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