Reality of life that normally leads to downfall of men

By Itodo Anthony   4 days ago   28
Family / Love

I don't mean to get religious but I was thinking about several instances in the bible and noticed a common theme. It usually involved a woman being the cause of the man's downfall.

Adam fell prey to Eve's words despite what God told him and ended up losing everything.

Solomon (for all his wisdom) brought in a woman who worshiped false idols who eventually convinced him to abandon God and that led to his downfall.

David succumbed to his temptations and slept with another man's wife which led to him losing favor in God's eyes.

Samson lost his God given strength after he confided in a woman who ended up betraying him to his enemies and leaving him for dead.

Most of them usually involved the man succumbing to his sexual urges. Even if you look outside the bible, it's usually been women.

Generally speaking, man dominates woman physically. This turns women on. However, women cannot dominate a man physically. Which is why she will try to dominate him emotionally. Manipulation and emotional control are her weapons. She will try to get inside a man’s head in order to get her way on some matters.

That’s why a smart woman will wait until night to ask a man to do something on her behalf. Beforehand she will feed him a great dinner while wearing a short skirt and heels. She will rock his world in the bedroom.

When a man is nice and relaxed his mental defenses are down and she can get anything she wants out of him.

I am not saying not to have sex with women or be paranoid with women but keep your wits about you.

When you see a woman that you're highly attracted to, always remember in the back of your head what is really going on. Sex is a game.

- The moment you succumb to her emotional control is the moment you lose.

- The moment you make her feel like you have no options is the moment you lose.

- The moment you prioritize her above your life goals is the moment you lose.


Life Downfall Men

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3 days ago

Yes this is really good and it's true Am first here oo

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm speechless

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Emmy Chico
3 days ago

This is so true

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Ernest Henshaw
3 days ago

Absolutely true!!!

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