METRONigerians react as Buhari sacks NECO registrar, appoints Northern replacement

By Doris Ukaku   1 week ago   54
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President Muhammadu Buhari has come under attack over the sack of the Registrar, National Examination Council, NECO, Prof. Charles Uwakwe.

It was reported that NECO registrar was sacked on Wednesday for fraudulent practices and suppression of official records.

Four other top management officials of the council were also dismissed after investigation.

Mr Abubakar Gana was immediately appointed as the acting Registrar.

This did not go down well with some Nigerians who took to their Twitter pages, accusing the President of practicing nepotism.

They lamented the replacement of the registrar with a Northerner.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@Mr_temitope “Another Abubakar is the acting Registrar. Yes, the former registrar was sacked for corruption which is a grave offence and should be prosecuted but is there no incorruptible Nigerian from another region or tribe? Well those that support nepotism should enjoy it while it lasts.”

@Petre_mc “Mr president continues to systematically eliminate the southerners while replacing them with Northerners. Rwandans genocide na like this it started oh.”

@Udehem2020 “The new chief of staff at work he is installing his boys in power so it will be easy for him to loot his own share of our resources.”

@Faith “Yes another sack to replace them with the most Educated and wise people from the North. It’s not strange anymore. “

@Olatundeolaleye “Must every appointment go to a particular region.”

@ Titilayo_mariam “They will be replaced with names like: Muhammed, Ahmed, Aliyu, Abubakar, Usman, Bello, Aminu, Rabiu, Kyari, , Adamu.”

@Daphinon “Guess Mr President has found a new hobby in sacking his appointees. Sack a southerner, replace with northerner.Sack a northerner, replace with another northerner.”

@Seth “Fulanisation of Nigeria on the move.”

@Ayemojubar “A man that cannot provide his secondary school certificate sacked NECO registrar?What a strange country!

@Adaofpeace129 “How can someone that didn’t go to school or even have NECO result sack NECO registrar.”


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Vnckf fcxkossn

(Quote) (Likes)
Edward Nnamdi
1 week ago

Y are they reacting

(Quote) (Likes)

That one na nonsense na

(Quote) (Likes)
Oyaboade Taiwo
1 week ago

He’s sentimental 

(Quote) (Likes)
1 week ago

They should not panic okay

(Quote) (Likes)
1 week ago

Pls don't react

(Quote) (Likes)
That is outrageous
(Quote) (Likes)
Uche Precious
1 week ago


(Quote) (Likes)

Na der kingdom we dey

(Quote) (Likes)

Buhari is a nepotist

(Quote) (Likes)
Kings O Kings
1 week ago

That's their game.

(Quote) (Likes)

Good people always do this

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