Congratulations To New Esut Vc

By Michael Kelvin   1 week ago   40


The Leadership of the Students Union Government (SUG) of the prestigious Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), on behalf of the entire Students in the eleven Faculties, wish to heartily congratulate you on your Appointment as the new acting Vice Chancellor of our noble Institution, as ratified by the Governing Council.


Until your Appointment, you displayed an overwhelming show of High Intellectual Capacity, Exceptional Smartness, Teamwork, Discipline, Unequivocal Dedication to Duty, and most importantly, Excellent Interpersonal Relationship Skills as the Deputy Vice Chancellor(Academics) and Former Director of General Studies. Our research and finding X-rays you as an Ocean of knowledge, Great Political Sensei with an overwhelming bank of wisdom, and above all, a God fearing man.


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Congratulations to him.....

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1 week ago

What is the name of the VC now I can see his name

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Congratulations on your appointment sir.

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Kwongratulations to him

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Kings O Kings
1 week ago

Excellent in dignity

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Congratulations dear vc

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