Reddington Hospital performs first complex open heart surgery By Editor

By Sule Abdulrahman   1 week ago   81
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The Reddington Multi - specialist Hospital , Lagos
has announced a successful complex heart
surgery involving a Coronary Artery Bypass
Graft and Mitral Valve repair in a 66 year old
man , Mr . Oluwatoyin Adebiyi . The Complex
Surgery was performed by the new Tristate
Reddington Cardiac programme led by
Consultant Interventional Cardiologist Prof
Kamar Adeleke and Consultant Cardiothoracic
Surgeon , Dr Michael Sanusi .
According to the Group Medical Director of
Reddington Hospital , Dr . Olutunde Lalude, this
involved temporarily stopping the heart to
carry out the procedures by first , putting the
patient on a Heart Lung Machine . Thereafter
the heart was opened and the malfunctioning
Mitral valve was repaired . In addition , the
three blocked vessels supplying blood to the
heart of the patient were bypassed and the
blood flow was restored . The heart was then
successfully re - started .
Announcing this feat , Dr . Lalude, said the
patient ’ s recovery was almost instant as he
started talking , eating and drinking less than 24
hours after the surgery . “ The complex surgery
performed by a 19 - man team of Nigerian
Specialists demonstrates our ability to expand
the range of what is possible in Nigeria
particularly at this time when access to
overseas medical travel has been restricted , ”
said Dr . Lalude. He said but for the Covid - 19
pandemic which has restricted air travel , the
patient would have probably chosen to do the
complex surgery abroad where he will spend
thousands of dollars encouraging capital flight.
Head of the surgical team, Prof. Kamar
Adeleke, said the COVID - 19 pandemic had
shown that every country needed to look
inward for solutions , adding that with borders
closed, the Tristate Reddington Cardic
Programme is ready to offer treatments to
complex heart issues , as it has a duty to help
Nigerians with such conditions .
He said : “ This underscores potential Nigeria
has . Reddington practically has everything
needed for the success we are celebrating
today . It contributed 99 per cent of what you
are seeing , but the remaining one per cent was
also very vital , which we sourced from
outside . ”


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Oyins Torulolo
1 week ago

Open heart surgery???

(Quote) (Likes)
1 week ago

Wow that's sounds good oo

(Quote) (Likes)
Itodo Anthony
1 week ago

For nigeria?

(Quote) (Likes)
Oyaboade Taiwo
1 week ago

Ether one 

(Quote) (Likes)
Kenneth James
1 week ago


(Quote) (Likes)


(Quote) (Likes)


(Quote) (Likes)
Doris Ukaku
1 week ago

Interesting ,seriously 

(Quote) (Likes)
Musa Shehu
1 week ago

Heart surgery, unbelievable

(Quote) (Likes)
1 week ago

Sounds Good

(Quote) (Likes)

good one................

(Quote) (Likes)

Open heart surgery

(Quote) (Likes)
Eze Andrew
1 week ago

It is a good development in Nigeria

(Quote) (Likes)
Sunday Ojomah
1 week ago

has announced a successful complex heart

(Quote) (Likes)

Congratulations well done job...

(Quote) (Likes)
Alexander Obi
1 week ago

Hcxgvvc bcfggyh

(Quote) (Likes)
Ondoma Joseph
22 hours ago

Thats a good improvement in our health sector. More grace

(Quote) (Likes)
Glory Ohiero
21 hours ago

😮  that good news 

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