Things women enjoy but will never ask you to do them

By David Destiny   1 week ago   39

Here are 8 perfect things women enjoys most but will never ask you to do them

Girls are passionate for love, No matter what kind of girl you are dating and how the two of you have gone far in love, they are very moved by lovely gesture of loves that comes from man. I'm now not talking about luxurious trips. Am saying they responded well to more appropriate morning text message and hand picked rose flowers. so one can place a smiling on there face and have an everlasting attention of her heart.





8. Always Send Her A Beautiful Morning Texts

However there is no harm in sending her a little reminder of her beautifulness every time or once for the duration of some time. Especially on lovable proper morning occasion which you should always be aware of.

7. Continuous Buying Trip's

Most ladies like to shop and go to store, which they are born with it. However, it always make them feel good when a man goes to shopping with them. If you can't make it happen always just provide the cash and compliment when she comes back. She will make sure to adore you taking the cash out of your wallet and almost complimenting her. If you’re very good at that she’ll always put on her fashion show and strut her horny self only for you.

 6. Taking Her Breakfast To Bed

This is the best ever action a man can do for a Lady. In my view, i do not see anything wrong to bringing your beloved girl a freshly nice fruit juices and adding a French toast bread to it to bed for her. Who is with me? 

5. Send Her Enough Flowers

you don’t really need to depend on making her smile by constantly buying bouquet to win her heart or make her day and also putting a smile on her face.

Seeing you always with best flowers in your hand will immediately go straight to her heart and make her the happiest woman alive.

4. Compliment Her When She Doesn't Expects

Always make it good to compliment her in front of others. This triggers honesty in you, and by also she will respect you for it. Always try to make a surprise you turn when you prepared her favored home meal, by purchasing all the elements and surprise her with a stunning dinner. From there She goes like 'wow' and keep loving you for doing that. Although the meals is overcooked.

 2. Purchase Her Tickets For Preferred Film Show

Watching her favorite movie with you around her increases the biggest smile in her face and by which also you creating awareness of time for her. The very truth is that, you truly care sufficiently for her by taking her to peer something so special like her favoured movie shows.

1. Take Her Out On Date

This is the best of all, taking your girl to someplace romantic each time. Somewhere the two of you will enjoy each other. It's really unethical how we have forgotten the concept of going out. Let start from today, our relationship will be nice.



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1 week ago

Men should find out this things to  please their women 

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Fact about us 

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1 week ago

Woman okay

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Chai women are too emotional

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Romantic dude

(Quote) (Likes)
Emmy Chico
1 week ago

Men should know all these oo tanks

(Quote) (Likes)
Nnaji Precious
1 week ago

If all the men understand that, there will be no heart break in a relationship

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(Quote) (Likes)
Musa Shehu
1 week ago

Exactly but they keep mute

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