The Side Effect Of Bleaching Your Skin

By Itodo Anthony   1 week ago   82
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Many dark skin people especially ladies are in the habit of bleaching their skin. It is interesting to know that nowadays, both men and women are involved in this act of bleaching their bodies.


There is this myth, that men generally like fair skin ladies, which I found to be untrue. Some of the ladies I have met over the years believe that fair-ladies are at advantage over the dark-skin ladies.


These ladies assume that to attract men, bleaching the skin is one of the many ways to achieve that. Most of the working class ladies spend so much money on creams and soaps that promise to lighten their skin.


Where some cannot afford the expensive creams, the resort to local methods which sometimes cause more harm than good.


Every man born by a woman is attracted to ladies especially those that can package themselves better, and the same good


Let me also tell you this, "every lady born of a woman is beautiful. How you dress yourself will determine if you will attract a man or not.


However, It really does not matter if you don't care about the man you will attract. I say this with all sense of responsibility. You can not dress anyhow and expect to attract some certain kinds of men.


If you dress anyhow, you will attract anyhow person unto yourself.


The colour of your skin does not determine who you attract as a spouse, or as your girl or boy friend. Not at all. Who you are determines that to a large extent.


Kind attracts kind, therefore, to attract a good man, or a good woman, you must firt and foremost become a good person. And only then will you attract a nice guy or a nice woman.


There are inherent dangers in bleaching the skin.


Below are some four main dangers associated with bleaching the human skin.


  • Skin Cancer
  • Skin Colouration
  • Body Odour
  • Missing your appointed Man or Woman

Many people who engage in bleaching of their skin suffer from skin irritation which sometime leads to Cancer of the skin. This is as a result of too much chemical applied on the skin to tone and bleach into fair-skin. Some in the process turn their skin into white skin.


Most people as they age, their faces and body turns darker or red depending on the skin reaction.


While others could turn yellow, fair or white. In some cases you will see the the neck's colour is different from the face and the same thing happens to the legs. In a bid to correct the damage more harm is done.


The last and most painful part of this error is when you miss you God-given spouse as a result of Bleaching your skin.


In another twist, most people that indulge in bleaching their body, develops body odour in time as a result of the chemicals in the cream.


All over the world, and from time immemorial, God blessed every man with his own woman, and the same with the woman.


However, many miss it due to the act of bleaching of skin. Some dark-skin ladies are created to be espoused to a very good man but when they bleach their skin, the man will not find them because they have changed themselves into another person.


This is the primarily reason why the rate of divorce is so high in our society.


I will advice you desist from bleaching your skin so as to avoid skin diseases that come with it. tell your friends and family.


Effect Bleaching Skin

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Chioma Angel
1 week ago

Love your skin, love yourself because you are God's image. Say no to disfiguring your skin by bleaching 

(Quote) (Likes: 1)

let them silly girls know....

(Quote) (Likes)

No be rdchfdggxvg

(Quote) (Likes)

Like your skin.... People will not hear

(Quote) (Likes)
Itodo Anthony
1 week ago

Keep it natural

(Quote) (Likes)
Paul Moses
1 week ago

That's not for sure

(Quote) (Likes)
Nworie Chinedu
1 week ago


(Quote) (Likes)

Bleaching is harmful stop it folks

(Quote) (Likes)
girls adhere to this, and you boys be wise
(Quote) (Likes)

Nice one. Nothing like self love

(Quote) (Likes)
Eze Andrew
1 week ago

Black is beautiful. I don't why some people bleach

(Quote) (Likes)
Sunday Ojomah
1 week ago

These ladies assume that to attract men

(Quote) (Likes)

Bleaching is good,pls continue...

(Quote) (Likes)

Why should a person bleach his or her skin, must espectially men. so ilrritating

(Quote) (Likes)
Ukpabi Sophia
1 week ago

Bleaching is bad

(Quote) (Likes)
Ayuba Kevin
6 days ago

Let's just appreciate God for our natural skin

(Quote) (Likes)
Ukpabi Sophia
3 days ago

Bleaching of skin is very bad and deadly.

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