Steps to start cassava farming business

By Aiyedobon Moses Bolarin   5 days ago   50

1. Select your site
Selecting a site is very important because different soil for different type of cassava. If it is at all possible, do a feasibility study, particularly for commercial cassava farming , ostensibly to identify the following:
Whether the soil is right for the type of cassava you want to plant
Whether there is adequate rainfall and sunshine in the area.
2. Prepare to make the soil more suitable for cassava farming
You can achieve this in the following ways:
The use of fertilizer
The use manure
The preparation of ridges
The use of irrigation if there is not adequate rain fall
Be ready to plant two crops on the ridges, to kill two birds with one stone.
3. Cassava stems to use for planting
Not all soil is suitable for all variety of cassava stems. You must consider the following factors before you make your selection on the suitable cassava stems to use.
4. Prepare for cultivation
You must apply herbicide(an agent used to destroy or stop plant growth) about ten days before land preparation. Planting on ridges is always recommended, so if it is cheaper to employ mechanised planting method or the use of manual labour, the cost must be quantified. During land preparation, it is recommended to apply appropriate quantity of quicklime.
5. Decide when to plant the cassava stem cuttings during the planting season
Usually the planting season is around April and extends to September/October. Plant cassava stems on ridges of average of 40cm in width and 40-60 cm in height of one row, such aids plant care. Moreover, I recommend that you apply fertlizer 8-10 weeks after planting the cassava stems.
You must weed the grass that grow with the cassava stem as when it is appropriate to do so as it helps the cassava stems grow in a healthy manner.
6. Harvesting
The sign that the cassava is ripe for harvesting is when the leaves turn yellow in colour and falling off from the stem. The first stage in the harvesting exercise is first of all to cut off the stems of the plant and prepare them either for sale or for planting in the next season. One of the advantages of cassava farming is that the stems are used for the planting and not the roots, unlike yam, beans, maize, groundnut, etc. You must now dig out the roots which may be available for sale or for further processing.


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Favor Peter
5 days ago

Serving your money

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Obedience Udo
5 days ago

It's hard but is good 

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this is nice update

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and this the greatest steps

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5 days ago

There's money in cassava business 

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I love farming

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Lawal Stephen
5 days ago

Nice idea

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This is our root

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Adewole Philip
5 days ago

It requires a great deal of labour. But the returns is good

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That is right

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Suitable soil needed

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Nice steps, carefully outlined.

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Farming simulator

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Ukpabi Sophia
1 day ago

List, the steps?

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1 hour ago

Yes we have to

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