See reason why some guys can't grow beards

By Adedeji Agboola   1 week ago   53

Why can't some men grow a beard? They spend weeks trying to do that, but all they get is some thin and patchy facial hair. At the same time, others have to shave several times a day because they were blessed with fast-growing whiskers.


Traditionally beards are considered to be a sign of masculinity, power, strength, and wisdom. And in case you are one of those guys who is struggling to grow a thick beard, here are some recommendations that can help the brawny half of our planet become the proud owners of sumptuous beards. We'll also tell you why some men can't grow beards.


Below are some major reason why some guys can't grow a beard:


1. Most men have similar levels of testosterone. But those who can boast thick beards are typically more responsive to testosterone. That's why the ability to grow a beard is closely linked with genetics and has nothing to do with masculinity.


2. Alopecia is an illness that leaves people with bald spots on their heads and other parts of the body. Men who have this condition are usually unable to grow facial hair.


3. If the inability to grow a beard is connected with low levels of testosterone, there's one effective way to solve this problem. It is the sport. Most kinds of physical exercises boost testosterone in men.


4. One more thing that can prevent men from having a beard of their dreams is anemia or iron deficiency. In this case, there is a lack of healthy red blood cells in the blood.


5. Try to exfoliate the skin on your face at least once a week. By doing this, you remove dry and dead skin cells, and this helps your facial hair grow faster and thicker.


6. If you don't have an allergy to eucalyptus, these products will effectively speed up the growth of your facial hair. Besides, you can use natural eucalyptus oil.


7. Your beard will start to grow faster if there's sufficient amount of vitamins B1, B6, and B12 in your body.


8. If you have a lack of water in your body, your beard won't get thick. On top of that, the beard-growing process will take much longer.


9. Don't shape and don't groom your beard for the first 4 to 6 weeks after you started to grow it. Trimming your facial hair will NOT make your beard grow darker or thicker.


10. When you get enough good sleep, your damaged skin cells have time to repair themselves. This encourages a beard to grow. Smoking affects beard growth as much as aging. Just a couple of cigarettes a day can disrupt blood circulation at the hair roots.




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Yes this is great

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educative but i hope it is based on facts

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I didn't read it sef.

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1 week ago

Guys have you heard

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Wooow good one...

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Eze Andrew
1 week ago

I like beard 

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Sunday Ojomah
1 week ago

in case you are one of those guys

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Good information and very educative...

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Alexander Obi
1 week ago

Gffhhggffgfc jgcffgu

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Wow, good..


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Even i don't have beards

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Why some men dont like beards is because the want to look like women.

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