5 things guys do that 95% of girls hate

By Adedeji Agboola   1 week ago   47

What i'm about to reveal to you is something majority of guys do, even I aren't an exception. The issue here is we don't really notice this annoying characters unless someone reveals them to us.


Let's up hop into it:


1. Speaking Terrible English:


Let me ask you a question? How do you feel when you meet up with a girl, start a conversation and her English just isn't perfect? It's very annoying. This can be a really huge turn off for most guys. Now imagine how a girl feels when she meets a guy like this.


2. Not Paying Attention to Fashion:


There is nothing more annoying to a girl than when her crush dresses up like he doesn't care. From wearing baggy jeans to putting on rumpled shirts, it's shocking how most guys don't know how terrible this makes people around them feel, Talk more of your crush. Here's one thing you should know, every guy will be treated according to the way he dresses, the sooner you up your dressing game the better. The very moment you improve on your dressing game you will be like a magnet cause people will love to be meeting you. If you have an issue learning how to dress properly, always check out Youtube, there are a lot of people there that teach this.


3. Not Making The First Move:


Guys, believe me when i say this; if you like a girl, make the first move of talking to her. It's actually very rare to see a girl who will be willing to make the first move, except it's a girl you never had a crush on. The reason i always advice to make the first move is that chances are after your first meeting with her you might actually notice she isn't worth your time and efforts. Always strive to make that move no matter what.


4. Not Paying Attention To Her:


Nothing annoys a girl more than talking to a guy and he doesn't pay attention to what she says. He could either be distracted by his cell phone or by friends, which isn't cool one bit. If you are having a discussion with someone especially one you will love to connect with always listen to what the person is saying, you never know, you might hit it off from there.


5. Having A Bad Body Odour:


I'll be honest with you, back in the days, i never really cared about colognes. I was always lazy when ever it came to buying perumes or anything that would smell good. The moment everything changed was when i was chatting with a friend and she was really uncomfortable around me, she didnt tell me why, but i noticed. That communication didn't even last. Few days after, no one had to tell me to rush to the supermarket to purchase deodorants and colognes, ever since, i've been getting complimets about how nice i smell and people love being around me. Don't wait till the same experience happens to you, buy your's as soon as possible


Is the any recommendation you have? let me know in the comment section.


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Thanks but what about girls

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Unadike Ekene.p. Said -

Thanks but what about girls

mostly applicable to Nigerian girls.

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Jfkdkdjdhfhf djdkjdjrjd. Jfkdkdjdhfhf. 

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And a bushy armpit

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Sunday Ojomah
1 week ago

What i'm about to reveal to you is something majority of guys do,

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Thankgod Ogah
1 week ago

Awsr true talk

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Alexander Obi
1 week ago

Hcguh Hgffg it was so good 

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Guyz, treat them like Queen ....pls....

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They are so true

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(6) Not take them to shopping or paying there bills

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