Five ways to be successful in life

By Joshua Isreal   2 weeks ago   45

Success is a progressive method, it goes gradually, it takes determination, perservance and patience. People want to be successful but they want sudden success which doesn't happen that way. No one wants to be failure.

People have been gaining success while some are not. There are methods and procedures one must observer if he wants to be successful.




1. Never Be Mediocre


Don't try to be a mediocre in your work. Because nobody wants something of low quality or value. People tend to go after things things that are extraordinary and classic. Never allow mediocrity to come into your path of success.



2. Avoid Procrastination


Procrastination is a thief of time. Because if you delay on what you are supposed to do at the moment, it will take a longer time to do it again. Once you decided to do something don't allow your mind to be wavered by procrastination by allowing yourself to postpone to another time. Because it might prompt you to postpone it again if you want to do it on the earlier agreed postponement. Putting off an action leads to time wasting. If something is necessary, it is best to act quickly to accomplish it.


3. Be Determined


Determination is the key to success. Staying focused in your life can help to be successful, Walt Disney was focused that was why he was able to get the success he deserved, he never gave up when he faced trials on his way. Making up your mind and holding onto it firm will help you. There is no difficulty we can't overcome if we are strongly determined to keeping pushing no matter what it takes.


4. Work Hard, Work Smart


The idea that you should work smarter, not only harder isn’t anything new. When talking about the difference between smart and hard work it’s pretty simple to explain what working hard means. If you want to be successful in the long run, you have to put long hours into work. You have to start early, before all other people, and you have to stay up late, when everyone else is already enjoying their afternoons and evenings.On the other hand, it’s really hard to find very clear guidelines on what working smart really means and how it’s different from hard work. It’s very obvious that even if you’re determined that nobody will outwork you, you still have maximum limits regarding working hours that you reach pretty fast; and there’s always someone who’s willing to sleep less than you. On top of that, many people work hard, but only a few become really successful. That’s because smart work is what makes the difference.But what is really their secret that the others don’t know when getting down to work? Let’s look at the main elements of smart work, from the most obvious ones to the most concealed ones that fine tune smart work and can take your success level a step further. Below, you can find 30 elements of smart work. No smart worker has all of them, but the more elements you manage to implement into your working strategy and style, the smarter worker you will become.


From physical to creative work

Life management skills

Time management skills

Understanding the system and the territory you operate on

Knowing what you want

Being in the right industry

Providing scarce resources to markets with a high demand

Looking on the bright side of life

Carefully selecting the right opportunities

Thinking before acting

Exploiting the halo effect

Focusing on creating, delivering and capturing value

Innovating and being bold

Having control

Leveraging other people’s time

Leveraging other people’s money

Creating intellectual property or products, and unfair advantages

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Being proactive and having emotion control

Networking and asking for help

Putting yourself first

Considering limits

Hanging out with the best people possible

Building on your strengths

Keeping short-term and long-term perspective

Search, execution and politics

The right timing

Know when to cut your losses

Being agile and adaptable

Prestige: Giving back to the community

But one element of smart work is knowing when to take time and focus yourself on acquiring and implementing new important knowledge that can unlock your potential and make you much more successful in many areas of life.

5. Invest In Yourself


You want to be a success, you have to invest in yourself. You will ask me how, you do that by taking a time out to improve yourself by acquiring more skill, knowledge and creativity. Much more like working smartly, invest in yourself can help you to boost you more because your value increases if you take out to spread your roots to take more knowledge and skills.


In conclusion, If you really want to be successful you have to be versatile and follow these rules because it will helpful to you on your way as you climb the ladder of success.



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Adeyemo Ismail
2 weeks ago

Success is main thing

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That is a good idea, man

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Chukwu Dera
2 weeks ago

Yes very good write up

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Friday Omene
2 weeks ago

Be successful no changes what I want to know please

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Success is main thing

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Iwomi Destiny
2 weeks ago

Success is good

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So interesting dear

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