6 secret of having smooth leg and beautiful skin

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I guess you love how smooth Victoria Beckham’s legs are and you just wish to have something close to that. Having awful legs could ruin your outfit, so it’s really important you pay special attention to your legs.




Below are 6 secrets to having smooth and silky legs



Waxing is a very popular hair removal method and you should book an appointment with a professional if you haven’t waxed before now. You can also do it at home by yourself but it’s advisable your first waxing be done by a professional.


Laser hair removal is one of the easiest ways to remove unwanted hair from your legs permanently but it’s quite expensive. Laser hair removal involves destroying individual hair follicles using a laser and it’s a method used by Victoria Beckham.


If you have a very sensitive skin, using depilatory creams won’t be advised as they could be quite harsh but for those whose skin can permit, depilatory cream is a wonderful way to keep your legs silky-smooth. It’s advisable to test the depilatory cream in a very small region of your leg before applying all over your legs.


This is another way to remove unwanted hair from your legs, keeping it smooth. Ensure you use shaving foam or oil to ensure your skin stays moisturized during shaving and always go for razors specifically designed for women to minimize razor burns and cuts. You should always apply moisturizers immediately after shaving. While shaving is the simplest hair removal method, the smooth results from shaving rarely last more than a night.


You shouldn’t just end at hair removal as exfoliation is very important if you want to keep smooth legs. If you have olive oil and salt or sugar, you can do this on your own. Make a thick paste by pouring enough olive oil into a jar of water with salt or sugar and then massage the paste gently to your skin. Rinse afterwards with warm water.


Moisturizing your legs is needed after exfoliation. You could use natural moisturizers like coconut oil and shea butter. Natural moisturizers are healthier and nice for your legs.

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Smooth Skin

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Adeyemo Ismail
2 weeks ago

Beautiful girl skin

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That can also be of gene

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Chukwu Dera
2 weeks ago

Brown skine gall 

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Friday Omene
2 weeks ago

Beautifulness beauty is good routine is what I want to hear please

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Beautiful girl skin

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Kosi Okoli
2 weeks ago


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I learned a lot from your article. Thanks for letting me know

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Mbaogu Lilian
2 weeks ago

Secret ingredients 

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Iwomi Destiny
2 weeks ago

Skin beauty love it

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Some are nature

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