10 ways to make your skin lighter

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You know of the famous saying 'Health is Wealth.' This saying applied to the skin also. Your outward appearance determines what you carry on the inside. Wondering how you can make your skin light without side effects? We got you here




Below are ten ways on how to make your skin light

1. Applying lemon to your skin


Lemon helps to remove the dead layer of the skin cell. Slice your lemon into two, squeeze the water out of it. When you apply the liquid content on your skin, it penetrates the pore and steadily changes the shade of the skin. Apply it frequently for 2-3 weeks.

2. Using coconut water on your skin

Research has shown that people who applied coconut water on their skin had a lighter shade after a month. Get coconut and pour the water into a clean bowl. Use your cotton wool to apply the coconut water on your skin, leave it for an hour, and rinse after.

3. Rubbing raw potato on your skin

The juice from raw potato contains a high amount of vitamin C, which helps to lighten the skin. Get a raw potato and cut into half, rub on the area you want to appear lighter, and wash off after an hour.

4. Applying Papaya to your skin

Papaya has an enzyme called Papain. It helps to lighten the skin. It is also a natural acne toner. Get Papaya and mash it in a clean bowl, apply it on the area you want lighter, wash after 30minutes. Repeat the process for two weeks to get an effective result.

5. Applying Tumeric to your skin

Tumeric contains Vitamin C, which helps in skin lightening. Apply the Tumeric raw on your skin or mix with aloe very for more effective results.




6. Applying orange to your skin

Orange contains Vitamin C and lactic acid that helps in penetrating the skin pores to make it lighter. It also helps to prevent sunburn. Mix Orange peel powder and make a paste. Use it on where you want lighter then wash it after 1 hour.

7. Using cucumber on your skin

Cucumber bonds collagen on the skin and makes the pores in the skin tighter. Get cucumber, cut a slice, and apply on where you want to be lighter. Wash off with warm water after 1 hour.

8. Applying honey to your skin

Honey contains alpha-hydroxy acids and bioactive compounds that help reduce the impacts of pigmentation on your skin, so it helps in lessening the appearance of dark spots. Apply honey directly to the skin or mix with yogurt and wash off after 30minutes.

9. Using Aloe vera on your skin

The aloe vera contains Vitamin A, C, and E. The gel gotten from aloe vera is good on the skin. Apply the gel on where you want lighter; it helps to fade dark patches and lighten one's skin.

10. Using yogurt on your skin

Yogurt contains lactic acid, which is made of a natural lightening agent. To make your result more effective, mix the yogurt with turmeric to make a paste then apply on your skin and neck. Wash off after 30minutes.




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Adeyemo Ismail
2 weeks ago

Your skin light

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Chukwu Dera
2 weeks ago

Your skin light

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Friday Omene
2 weeks ago

Lighter shine on good thing is what I want to hear please

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Your skin light

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Kosi Okoli
2 weeks ago


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Mbaogu Lilian
2 weeks ago

Nice tips 

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Iwomi Destiny
2 weeks ago

Brown skin girl skin jist like pearl

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Wow, so interesting

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