10 facts about shy people

By Joshua Isreal   2 weeks ago   15


From my research and what I’ve gathered, I think :




1. Eighty percent (80%) of shy people on earth were not born shy, they grow / grew into it with time.

2. People who are shy tend to be prone into getting depressed easily.


3. Shy people are mostly really intelligent people with high intellectual quotient (IQ).

4. They mostly react to people who offend them most of the time.

5. Shy people are smooth talkers and can be very violent when they are angry.

6. Shy people don’t talk often but when they do? All hell is let loose as they release all they've been bottling inside, their words are mostly not filtered and it has some intelligence in it.

7. Most people that are shy have this low self esteem and they feel like other people are doing better than them.

8. Most people that are shy are naturally modest and would always be the last people to announce their accomplishments. They rather people see it through their lifestyle.

9. They don’t really acknowledge compliments. Tell any shy person they look really good and they feel you are joking, so they downplay your compliments and act norm.

10. Don’t ever force a shy person to contribute to any conversations, most times it doesn’t end well, they are always blunt.



If you are a shy person, don’t be anti social, don’t be too much of an introvert, don’t have any trace of low self esteem, you are unique and just another different human.


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