15 things you should know in your twenties

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1. Never invest your time and feelings to someone who isn’t 100% interested in you. Because they will never see your fullest potential and your real worth. You can know it through their gestures, the way they talk and look into your eyes. You can feel it if they are really into you.




2. Prioritizing yourself is okay. Chasing for your happiness is okay. Loving yourself before anyone else doesn't make you a selfish. Because at the end of the day, you only have yourself. Make yourself happy, and feel loved.

3. You have to know when to leave a relationship. Never stay for the wrong reasons. Most of the people are afraid to start again because of the memories and the honest truth about starting over. Everyone deserves a rose in their hands, but if you're continually being pricked by thorns, might as well decide to have another flower to grow your heart with.


4. Accept mistakes and defeats in life. It's not an easy task, but you have to make it. Because it brings opportunity for personal growth and makes you determined to hustle and strive more. Always have the "fail forward" mentality. It's okay to fail, but you have to learn from them. Admit to yourself that you have failed at something and gather the learnings and experience from it. Always use your failures as a fuel for your growth.

5. As you grow older, you will slowly appreciate silence and the smell of books and coffee. And for sure, you will fall in love with them.

6. Love is an act of investing time and attention. It's not something that just happens to anyone or something you "are in". It develops over time. There are no magic or fairy tales involved. It's about choices and commitment. It's a decision someone must make until it becomes a part of daily habit. But like everything else, it doesn't guarantee something in return. Just because you love them, doesn't mean they will automatically love you back. That's why reciprocity is essential.

7. You can love two people at the same time, but you cannot love them equally. Someone will always weigh heavier than the other in your heart. If you will talk about being right and wrong, of course, it's wrong. You are capable of loving everyone, but it doesn't mean you should. Be faithful and committed to one person only.

8. Sometimes, hitting the rock bottom is life's way of saying you've done enough, it's time to turn the page and start over again.

9. Some of the most important learnings in life will come either by surprise or by storm. While some will leave you in dark and hopeless places. And in those places, you can grow, prosper, learn how to trust and be stronger. Sometimes, God uses dark and hopeless places to realign you, bless you and make you right back on track again.

10. When you’re in a relationship, it’s okay to have new friends, enjoy and expand your network. Never shrink your potential and your world. A healthy relationship should have time for one another while also, having a “me” time for themselves. You have a life outside of that relationship, so act like you have one.

11. Never concede and throw in the towel. There will be bad days, but the show must go on. Whatever happens, show up and put your gloves on. You have to fight even when you're tired. Breakthrough even if you're mind tells you to give up. Never lose the vision of your dreams, you are almost there. You worked your way out just to be here. If you're eager enough to turn them into a reality, act like it's the air that you breathe. That you won't survive without it - like it's the last shot in your life. Continue breathing in your dreams.

12. If you keep on running from one problem, sooner or later you'll start running from everything in life.

13. Everyone has 24 hours a day. Do you know how other people become successful in life? Because they know how to use it efficiently. They don't just waste time on having an extra hour of sleep, they manage their time really well to maximize the results from their efforts. They hustle and play hard. They declutter and organize. They eliminated bad habits such as excessively surfing on social media, binge-watching of movies and TV series, playing games or partying with friends every night. Sure, we all deserve time for pleasure, but don't allocate most of your time on it. Always think about the impact you'll be creating in your near future, rather than focusing the present moments. This will create a momentum for you to work efficiently and master the time of management.

14. Most couples were not friends before they became lovers. They started building the home, without having the foundation - friendship. That's why most relationships fail.

15. At some point in our lives, we will everyone experience unrequited love or heartbreak. And I think, it's something we all have to go through, at least once. We have to hit the rock bottom, so we'll be desperate enough to stand up. Get back up, even when we're hurt and tired. The beauty of pain teaches us some valuable lessons we need in life. It's about collecting the bruises and scars and wear them on your sleeves. Learn from them. The right love will find you someday, but the lessons from those experiences will teach you how to make it stay.

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