UNBELIEVABLE! See The Nigerian Rite Of Passage Where Girls Go Bare-Chested In Public.

By Ebiakpo Israel Thompson   2 weeks ago   58
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See the Nigerian tradition where girls go bare-chested in public ahead of marriage.


May 15, 2020 8:46 AM

UNBELIEVABLE! See The Nigerian Rite Of Passage Where Girls Go Bare-Chested In Public.




Coming of age is a universal trend, but differs in different societies. What one calls a  celebration of feminism might be another’s initiative of gender discrimination.

The Niger Delta tribes are scattered abroad and in some of these tribes, the Iria ritual is practiced.




Some of the groups that practice the ritual include the Iyankpo group, the Ijimkorobo group, the Alagbariye tribe from Ebeni, and the Saugeye group.

The Iria Ritual is accepted to many tribes in the Niger Delta, with some forms of the ritual practices harsher than the others. It typically involves adolescent girls who are between 14 and 16 undergoing rituals that prepared them for marriage. In some places, these girls ser to be bare-breasted in front of the crowd for inspection. The goal of this is to guarantee that their virginity is intact.




The young girls also get to visit the fattening room where they are well fed with body nourishing meals, especially pounded yam mixed with pounded plantain.

In the fattening room, the ladies are pampered and are all set to dance half-naked at the village square. At the end of their stay in the fattening room, they are transformed and seem to be more beautiful. Their bodies are at that time painted in different colours for the dance.

In time past, it was alleged that if one did not pass through the Iria ritual it would be extremely difficult for her to conceive a child. One of the joint belief amongst the people is that young women in their teenage age gain attachments to water spirits and so, they gather at dawn to chase the spirits. After this, a senior male member of the tribe strikes the girls with sticks sending them back to the village.

What's your take on this? Should such practices continue or should they be abolished?

Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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2 weeks ago

I have visited Adamawa state where their women go bare chested too

(Quote) (Likes)
Daniel Tyoapine
2 weeks ago

mordanism....this all shall pass away

(Quote) (Likes)

Still in darkness

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(Quote) (Likes)
Douglas Nicholas
2 weeks ago

Such practices should be abolish.

(Quote) (Likes)
Macaulay Umute
2 weeks ago

In Nigeria, we have people with divergent culture.


(Quote) (Likes)
Abazie Judith
2 weeks ago

Hmmmmmmm nawaoooooioo

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