25 things only smart people do

By Liberty Sunday Okon   3 weeks ago   43


09c1c27020e99e9eed9c49960f990688?quality=hq&format=webp&resize=720&watermark=trueHere Are the 25 Things Only Very Smart people do.

1. Once they hear a new word they are not familiar with; they immediately search it up to know its meaning

2. They always listen to the opinion of others. They believe every opinion counts.

3. They get close to people they know are smarter than them. This the reason why they become smarter every waking day.

4. They are always willing to accept that they are not right all the time. They understand the clue that it is only a fool that is always right all the time.

5. They are always very patient before they take action.

6. They don't waste their time looking for who is not looking for them.

7. They don't eat other people's food more than their own.

8. They don't waste their time visiting people especially those who don't have time to visit them in return.

8. They Invest in themselves immensely. They treat themselves.

9. They don't ever entertain gossip about others. They confront people that treat them wrong directly.



10 They think before they speak. They understand that 80% of the way people appreciate you is what comes out of your mouth.


11 They always look well. "Dress as you should address yourself." That is their dressing code.

12 They are always efficient. They take care of their goals.

13 They respect and value their time. They understand the fact that time is precious and irreversible.

14. They don't stay in a relationship where they do not feel respected and valued. They simply quit.

 15. They spend money on themselves. That is why people always spend money on them.

 16. They are always scarce to see. They believe there is power in scarcity.

17. They are givers more than a receiver. Givers are always on top.

18. They do not go where they are not invited. And when prompted, they don't spend too much time either.

19. They are not always afraid to take risks. For them, success in life is all about taking risks.

20. They talk less, and when they eventually start talking they know when to be quiet.

21. They don't always stay in noisy environments except for important reasons.

22. They treat people the way they deserve.

23. They easily forgive. They don't hold up offenses for long. They settle their grouches quickly and move along.



24. They are respectful. They believe everyone is important and as such deserve to be respected.


25. They are industrious. They can never be stranded, always seeing opportunities in every situation.


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Macaulay Umute
2 weeks ago

This write up is excellent.

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Rodney Paul
2 weeks ago

A great write up. 

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Wisdom is profitable to be desirable.

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That should be me, those are my qualities

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Wonderful tips for us

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