Be Your Real Self Because That's What People Love You For

By Abasifreke Assian   1 month ago   96

Live With Yourself
I think being authentic is essential because
you’re the one who’s got to live with
yourself, and if you aren’t being true to what
you want to say and do, it’s going to eat you
alive — Jon Westenberg in Make people give
a shit
It’s all about the intention. If you
committed to something and it failed, but
you put your heart into it, the result doesn’t
matter — the intention was there. You’ll
learn from it and do better next time.
When you do things from your heart, you’ll
be happy knowing you were honest with
You’ll be stress-free and have nothing to
worry about because you did what you
believed you had to do.
I live with my self knowing that every word
I’ve published is my own.
I live with my self because I’ve given it my
best shot.
I live with my self knowing that I’m not
perfect, I’m a work in progress.


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Abe Ayobami
1 month ago

I will surely be my real self

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Miracle Bessong
3 weeks ago

u right dear

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Ogunsola Stephen
3 weeks ago

Your real self will make people love u

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You're right 

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Hlive your life oo

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People don't know that

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Ipipi Eunice
2 weeks ago

Am not sure people like you for who you are but try be real for yourself

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Eric Smart
1 week ago

I will be myself

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Yes ooh I a man

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Rodney Paul
6 days ago

Sure,that was a nice one.

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Absolutely right

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No man is perfect on his own except jesus christ our lord.

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