Nigerians React As Glory Osei Deactivates Her Twitter Account

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Glory Osei

Glory Osei | Naijamobile

In October 2019, a series of accusations trailed Glory Osei and her husband Muyiwa Folorunso.

The couple who cofounded Divergent Enterprise was called out on social media by former employees for their alleged high-handedness, allegations of scam business ventures and poor treatment of former staff as well as maintenance of a toxic work environment.

Osei, who says she is a “negotiation and international procurement expert” is also accused of posing as a single woman on social media. Osei often states her strong dislike for men and “Nigerian married women”. It came as a shock when it was revealed that she married Folorunso in 2016.

Osei, in a series of tweets and a separate statement she published on her Medium page, denied running Ponzi schemes as businesses. According to her, the allegations were the handiwork of disgruntled ex-staff trying to bring her down.

In the wake of the allegations that trailed Divergent Enterprises, Osei released a long thread on Twitter trying to justify herself and defend Divergent Enterprise.

Though it has been months that the allegations surfaced, social media users are not one to forget and from time to time, she still receives backlash.

It now appears that Osei may have caved into the pressure from social media as she has deactivated her Twitter account, an action some have attributed to her having “small shame.”

This comes after she made a post on Twitter but many users of the microblogging platform dredged up the scandal and began to bully her.

Following the negative trail, she deactivated her Twitter account.

Osei appears to be more active on Instagram since the Twitter drama and here i=are some reactions to her deactivating her Twitter account.

Glory Osei after trying to make a comeback on twitter but realized time doesn’t heal like it used to:

— ✨10 👑 DaddyMO👑 10✨ (@therealdaddymo1) February 22, 2020

That’s how Glory osei came to change avi as if she didn’t know we know she’s a scam😂
Old things didn’t pass away dear

— ‘Nimisokan💎🦋 (@fayookunmi) February 20, 2020

Glory Osei finally deactivated her twitter account?

Seems she had small shame after all that faux pas clapping back for being an A* fraud.

Her comeback was welcomed on IG but not on Twitter.

They’ll tell you the truth here whether you like it or not.

— ✨10 👑 DaddyMO👑 10✨ (@therealdaddymo1) February 22, 2020

Funny how Glory Osei was welcomed back on IG.

For here… The gbas gbos continued like it was yesterday.

So, it's official. These streets are brutal.

She quietly deactivated her account when she got tired of blocking savages.

Go hard or go home.

Glory Osei 0-2 Twitter

— A-fam (@nochie_a) February 21, 2020

Y'all made Glory Osei delete her tension video. If I was her …I'd move to Liberian Twitter and start a new life there. She too cast for here. 😪

— Me…Ferdy (@_The_Immortal) February 21, 2020

We are lowkey moving away from being objective about employee compensation to bullying Glory Osei , cyber bullying isn’t the goal , we should also give room for change and allow people grow beyond their flaws .

This is what I think

— Volqx (@volqx) February 22, 2020

That ogbontagiri, glory osei clawed back into twitter space and thought we won't know.

Worst part is that some fraud enablers are cheering her on. E go still touch una, make una no worry.

— Afam bu Ogbuefi🇳🇬 (@MistaChika) February 21, 2020

Glory Osei went on instagram after so many months and they welcomed her

She came on twitter, dem give her gbas gbos till she deactivate her account

One said "hope you paid the barber" another said "Own't you?" then my mumu friend said "the people u r owing, have u paid them"🤣

— Peace Of Mind (@wealthy_yute) February 22, 2020

I really want to call people's darts at Glory Osei bullying at this point but she hasn't taken responsibility for any shortcoming so far and seems to have switched over swiftly to victim.
That my dears is borderline psychopathic.
High functioning psychopath.

— Bolouere (@boluxxxx) February 21, 2020

Glory Osei comeback tweets looked like she’s immune 2 whatever people say, but deactivating her account shows she’s not as strong as she makes believe. It’s sad what they said she did, but everyone deserves a second chance. But na person wey gree say e do bad tin dem dey forgive.

— Umeh (@UmehWrites) February 22, 2020

Glory Osei should understand better that Twitter will never forgive and welcome her after that 80+ thread she dropped forming bad gang.

Instagram users might welcome you but this place is brutal, don't just fuck up…

— Dr. Oluwafemi Anthony (@RealSOK_) February 22, 2020


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Nigeria sjjdjfkdkffbbf

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Nigerians and talk

(Quote) (Likes)

She has a genuine reason

(Quote) (Likes)

The next order due but

(Quote) (Likes)

Her twitter acct

(Quote) (Likes)
Jimba Abubakar
1 month ago

She doesn't need to deactivate it

(Quote) (Likes)
Moshood Ayomide
1 month ago

Account deactivate 

(Quote) (Likes)

I did not react oo

(Quote) (Likes)

Even I was shocked 

(Quote) (Likes)
Emmanuel Eze
1 month ago

Nigerans have an attitude of calling people out

(Quote) (Likes)
Godwin Okwudiri
1 month ago

What is their businesd

(Quote) (Likes)

She just deactivated it like that

(Quote) (Likes)
David Gabriel
1 month ago

What is there problem with her account

(Quote) (Likes)
Hassana Mohammed
1 month ago


(Quote) (Likes)
Muhammed Jimba
1 month ago

She should at least keep it nah

(Quote) (Likes)

Why she deactivate

(Quote) (Likes)

deactivation of account

(Quote) (Likes)

I don't support the reaction of nigerian

(Quote) (Likes)
Kabiru Bala
1 month ago

Just Deactivating of account

(Quote) (Likes)
Abdulhafiz Lawal
1 month ago

Leaving a secret 

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