How I treated, cured diabetes of 15 years

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I suffered from diabetes for over 15 years, I even traveled to India twice for surgery and was basically living my life on insulin. I had high sugar level complication which resulted in sores in one of my toes that refused to heal for over 3 years. Life was miserable for me having to stay away from virtually all the good foods I like.

One fateful day an old friend of mine called me from the United Kingdom to inform me about a diabetes drug he came across online. I was skeptical at first due to the popular belief that diabetes can only be managed but not treated. However, after much persuasion coupled with unbearable pain, I summoned the courage to call the number I was given.

A man named Mr Sam picked the call and inquired about my health history which I explained to him and he told me categorically that I would need 4 months therapy to properly treat and cure my diabetes. I didn’t believe him at all but out of curiosity and due to excruciating pain I was going through I bought a bottle, and to my greatest surprise after weeks of taking the drug, my sore started healing up, which convinced me to complete the dosage. Within months I realized I could go without using insulin and my sore healed up. To my greatest surprise, after months of undergoing treatment with Ekwensi herbal therapy, I visited my family doctor and he was surprised when he observed my progress.

After 4 months of completing the dosages, I am free from diabetes and no longer suffering from the pains of diabetes. My sugar level has been stabilized, no more frequent urination at night and I feel renewed. I can eat whatever I want without restriction and I have become an ambassador of Ekwensi herbal drug. I now encourage anybody suffering from diabetes to try Ekwensi as I did. Regards,

–          Hon. Usman (Abuja)

About Ekwensi

Ekwensi is a new innovative herbal remedy with no toxic ingredients and formulated into capsules. It is effective for the treatment of diabetes 1&2, which is a metabolic disorder marked by habitual passage of excessive urine which contain sugar, accompanied by thirst, hunger, progression loss of weight and weakness. It cures diabetes completely.


I am an Insulin dependent victim of diabetes and I use insulin 2 times a day.But to my greatest surprise after usage of EKWENSI for 2 months am no more on insulin and all the symptoms of diabetes has vanished.

–          Mrs. Ann (Abuja)

After spending a fortune on all forms of medications both local and international,am still in shock that just 3weeks of administering EKWENSI my poor vision which was badly affected by Diabetes has been restored and tingling sensation on my feet is vanished.Now I believe in the power of nature and EKWENSI is a gift to humanity.

–          Barr. Jude (Asaba)

My name is Engr.Yakubu,I got to know about EKWENSI Herbal Therapy through a friend of mine who had used the medicine before though i never believe initially but reluctantly i bought a bottle after much persuasion by my friend.It was like a miracle after administering for a week and the frequently vanished and gained back my weight gradually.After 2 months usage of EKWENSI Diabetes of 10years is gone and have fully gained back my weight and my sexual life is totally restored.


–   Engr. Yakubu (Kano)




•Lacutuca and many more


•Frequent urination

•Loss of weight

•Weakness of the body

•Tingling of the feet


•Make payment of your order placement into Acct details: 1014838368 HEBFEM COMMUNICATIONS LTD. ZENITH.

We deliver your products within 2-3days after payment anywhere in Nigeria and 10 working days outside Nigeria.


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Wow.  Congratulations

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Wow nice once good 

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Salihu Mohammed
1 month ago

Good one inded

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You did well

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Esure Blessing
1 month ago

Wow new treatment

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Ramson Okwedi
1 month ago

Vongratulation my dear. God help us

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Revealed cure

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wow good healthy

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1 month ago

Thank God for you

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Wow that is very good and a good drugs

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Good fight

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Ewkensi harbal ok 

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1 month ago

Am not sure

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