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From My Reading Desk. 
This morning while doing the normal morning reading an idea came up. It's all about adding value to my friends by sharing valuable content with them. What I intent to do is to share with you once in a while valuable content from what I read and I believe can impact positively on all my friends. I hope you will gain one or two things by reading from me.

Let's start.

Are You a Profitable Servant?

Have you read the Parable of the Talents lately? (Matthew 25) Go read it again. Powerful stuff.
The story is about a wealthy man going on a long trip. He leaves his ‘talents’ or assets with 3 different financial agents.

By the way, how much was an ancient ‘talent’ worth in today’s dollars? When I googled it, the answers varied from $400,000 to 1.4 million dollars.

So, for fun, let’s just use the number $1,000,000.
To one agent, the wealthy man deposited ten million dollars.
To another, he deposited five million dollars.
To the last, he gave one million dollars.
When the wealthy man returned from his long trip, he demanded an accounting of his investments.

The first agent reported that he had doubled his investment. Good job!
The second agent had also doubled his money. Attaboy!
But the last agent had been so afraid of losing money that he had buried his million bucks in his back yard. He returned the million and reported a zero return on his investment.
The wealthy man was furious. And I paraphrase,
You idiot! Why didn’t you put my money in the bank so I could have at least earned some interest!

Take the million from this loser and give it to the first agent that doubled my money. And fire that unprofitable servant. Throw him out in the street.

This parable has a lot of applications both spiritual and financial. Today, I want to talk about being a profitable servant in the business world. In my books and speeches, I often refer to this type of person as an enlightened entrepreneur.

An enlightened entrepreneur manages his/her talents is by putting the customer first in a profitable way. And then, taking the first 10% of the profits earned from being a profitable servant and giving them away to those who are less fortunate.

“Profitable servant” is not an oxymoron. The words ‘Profit’ and ‘Servant’ go together magnificently. A motto for the Rotary International organization for last 100 years says it all:

“They profit most who serve best.”

I heartily agree. As an entrepreneur, how do you profitably serve best?
There are two primary ways to profit: 1. Find value 2. Create value.
In the movie Sixth Sense, Haley Joel Osment said, “I see dead people.”

Enlightened Entrepreneurs can just “see opportunity.” Hidden. Everywhere. In this world, some people are good at sports. Some are good at music. Some are good at managing other people. And some people are good at spotting ways to profit.

They’re good at spotting value—how to improve existing products, services and information. They find it easy to come up with ways to make things cheaper, faster, more exciting or interesting—more valuable. They make everything they touch better and carve out a slice of profit for themselves by improving things.

The billionaire, Sir Richard Branson, wouldn’t be a billionaire today if he hadn’t spotted some hidden value and exploited it. The genesis of Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic airlines and now over 200 Virgin companies worldwide started when the cash-strapped, young entrepreneur owned a small student magazine called Student. As he describes it,

“I do keep my eyes and ears to the ground and saw how teenagers spent most of their disposable income on records. When the (British) government abolished the Retail Price Maintenance Agreement—the cartel that fixed prices—record shops didn’t cut prices. I instantly saw a gap and ran an ad for cut-price mail-order records in Student. The response was incredible. I didn’t know it, but that was the launch of Virgin. We handed out leaflets for mail-order records and almost overnight, we were getting sacks full of orders containing checks and even cash.”

(From Screw It, Let’s Do It by Richard Branson. New York: Virgin Books, 2008. Pg. 101)
What Branson did is called “finding value.”
Other “profitable servants” are especially gifted at creating value. They think up unique, different, new ways to serve people. They invent products. The billionaire, Steve Jobs, created a whole new industry of personal computers that has blessed the lives of millions. Hasn’t he blessed your life? Back in 1976 when he and Steve Wozniak were launching Apple in their garage, all they had was their passion for electronics and the dream of creating something “insanely great.” It’s that same passion that created a new digital music industry with the iPod and iTunes. He made another fortune by finding value with the iPhone.

Have you ever had a profitable idea? Even a million dollar idea? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to turn your ideas into cash? Have you ever had an urge to flip a piece of real estate (find value), or come up with a unique product (create value)? Whether you help make incremental improvements to the “stuff” around you, or whether you create brand new stuff to bless the world, you’re a profitable servant

Then, you become an enlightened entrepreneur by taking the first ten percent (or more) of your profits and contributing them to causes that improve the lives of others. Find a cause, a church, a philanthropy, a charity, an organization that is dedicated to making the world a better place. Find something that touches your heart and give there. Don't wait to give. Give the FIRST profits. Be a first giver.
The vast majority of millionaires and billionaires are massive givers. If you want to join them, model them.

In the next few messages, I’ll share the 3 fundamental ways that enlightened entrepreneurs find and create value.
Until then,
Onward and Upward,
Robert G Allen. 

So I thank every body which have read I his may God help you all.


By K Josh

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The process is just so so coplicated

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The program is massive

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I don't understand

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Good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good

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Process of programming ...

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So nice entrepreneurs are rich

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Ridwan Lawal
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Program things 

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We are not a brain boxer

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This is exciting ...wonderful

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3 fundamental ways 

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Its good to learn 

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Nice process of programming

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Off point

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I need to learn Programming

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This is great 

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Processing programming is good

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enlightment is so profiting

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