Henry's Dilemma.

By David Emole   4 months ago   203
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Henry's Dilemma.
Frank. Henry. Jude and Men will be shown on the street coming back from a football game, [Frank will be holding the football].
Ken: see guys eeh, [clearing throat] I really can't wait to leave this town ooo.
Frank: ah Ken, where will you be going to this time nah?
Ken: Frank, I will be.... [And Jude will cut in]
Jude: ken, we've heard you, ah, so because your father is wealthy you won't let us hear word, haba!!
All of them will turn facing each other.
Ken: eh eh eh eh, Jude, please oooh, am not the one that made your father poor oo!
Jude: what!!!! [Jude will filled with anger]
Henry: ah ken, it hasn't gotten to that nah.
As Frank will be calming Jude down.
Ken: Henry, you better keep quiet oo, when those that have parent are talking you better keep quiet.
Henry and Jude will pick up a fight against Ken, as Frank separate them.
The scene will start up showing Henry and sister (Stella) taking garri, as they sit on a bench facing each other.
Stella: brother, when are we going to see aunty?
Henry: [Henry will keep mute for a while before answering her].
Hmm, Stella see, I know that things are hard for us now, but I know we will survive.
[Taping her on the shoulder]
We will be fine okay!
Stella: okay!
Henry: Stella, from today, you are my mother and am your father, I will always be there for you, I will do anything to take care of you okay!.
Stella: okay.
Henry: Go ahead and finish up.
Regina who is 28years of age will be shown carrying a baby in a hospital, seeking for an abortion because the baby at hand is barely 6months and she took in again.
Regina: Doctor, are you saying that, you can't help me get rid of this pregnancy?
Doctor: Mrs Regina, children are gift from God, and terminating a pregnancy is a sin. 
Regina: [sighing] Doctor please help me, I can't take care of a 6months old baby and still be pregnant!
Doctor: Are you sure you want to do this?
Regina: Yes. Yes. Yes doctor am sure, please help me.
Doctor: Okay let's do it this way,... [Regina cut in]
Regina: Okay.
Doctor: why don't you leave the unborn baby to be delivered, and kill the living one just by surffucating the baby to die?
Regina: [Acting aggressive] God forbid I can't kill an innocent soul, doctor how will you say a thing like that?
Doctor: It makes no difference, abortion is also an act of taking life which we never created.
Mrs Regina how will you feel if you were aborted?
Regina: [feeling weak and confused] doctor, am sorry but it hurts.
Doctor: You don't need to be sorry, just don't bother yourself be calm and have the baby, you never can tell what this baby will turn out to be.
Regina: Thank you doctor.
Henry will be shown in a man's house seeking for a job, in other to take care of his little sister. But won't get the job, the man will just be on his way out.
Henry: Good morning sir. [Portraying]
Mr James:  [turning around to see who is greeting him], Yes, good morning, how can I help you?
Henry: Sir, my name is Henry, I learnt that a maid service provider is needed here!
Mr James: Yes, but not anymore [as henry will cut in]
Henry: [Coming closer to him and kneeling down] Ah sir please help me, I really need this job sir. [Pitiful looks on his face]
Mr James: Am sorry there's nothing I can do, the previous one we had ended up stealing from me, so am sorry no one is to be trusted!
[Mr James leaving the scene as henry wallow in sorrow and disappointment]
Henry will be shown sitted alone, thinking of what next to do to take care of his sister.
Jude's father will be shown sitinh under a tree, with a wraper round his waste, as he call Jude to send him to the bank.
He will count out #2000naira for the deposit.
Jude's Father: [clearing throat], Jude.... Jude.... Jude...
Where has this boy gone to this early morning?
He will stand up to check round the house [complaining of Jude's attitude of not staying at home]
As Jude walks into the house.
Jude's Father: Jude, you this boy, ever since you mother died, you've decide to be causing trouble everywhere.
When did you leave the house? And
Where are you coming from this morning?
Jude: [Jude keeping mute for some seconds and looking so disturbed]
Jude's Father: Am I not talking to some one?
[Sounding harsh] my friend!!!, where are you coming from?
If you like don't answer me, but look let me tell you, if you cause more teouble, I promise you, I won't interfarre again.
Now take this money go and deposit in the bank'
Jude.... Jude...Jude, how many times did I call you?
Hold your ears and listen, i don't want hear story concerning this morning,
Don't say I didn't warn you!
Jude will leave the scene, and straight to Henry's house to give him the money to take care of themselves.
Jude's comes to the house and met Stella.
Jude: Henry..3x, Henry oooo. Come.. Come.. Come oo.
And Stella comes out.
Jude: ah Stella, where is your brother Henry?
Stella: I thought he was with you, [Jude cut in]
Jude: No ooo. Where did he say he was going to?
Stella: I don't really know, but he will be back soon, because it's been long he went out.
Jude putting his hand in his pocket.
Jude: Anyway, there's no problem, just take this give to him, tell him I came around.
Stella: thank you very much Jude.
As she hid the money in her hands.
Jude: [Sigh], it's nothing, just give it to him.
Tel him I will be back later.
Stella: okay, thank you very much.
Jude leaving the house. [Bye]
Henry will be shown in rich uncle's house to ask for help,although his uncle is late, his uncles wife who happens to be wicked and heartless, never had it in mind to take them as her own, she sat on her late husbands wealth, and maltreating Henry and Stella.
[Henry knocks on the door].
Henry's aunty: who is that, that want to break my door?!
As she opens the door and sets her eyes on Henry, her mood worsened.
Henry: Aunty good morning.
Henry's aunty: [Hiss and taking her face off him], Good morning to your miserable self.
What brings you here? (I thought I warned you never to come here again?)
Henry: aunty please, we are hungry helps us.
Henry's aunty: Ehe, if you are hungry nko, what do u want me to do or do you think I sale food here?
Henry: Aunty please we don't have money to buy anything.
Henry's aunty: me too ooo. I don't have money, and I haven't eaten anything since morning too.
They've not paid salary, am also hungry, go when they pay salary you can come back! 
Take this #200naira transport yourself back to where you are coming from.
[Hiss, as she shut the door against him]
And henry leaves the house slowly and turning back.
Henry got back telling his little sister how his day went.
Henry: Hmm..... Stella, you won't believe what happened today, this world is really a wicked place. [Carrying his hands round his head and snapped them "GOD FORBID"]
Stella: What happened?
Henry: [hmm], taking a deep breath. I went to our uncles house to meet his wife.
[Stella cut in, Hiss*, that wicked woman]
Henry: I went there to see if she can help us, and this was busy telling me that they've not paid salary and that she's also hungry.
Stella: Forget about her, I've always known that woman to be very wicked, ehe, brother, Jude was here, and he said I should give you this money.
Henry: what for, I don't want problem ooo, 
[Stella cut in]
Stella: No ooo. It's not as if you will help him keep it ooh 
[Henry cut in]
Henry: Ehe, so how is it?
Stella: He said, we should use it.
Henry: O.M.G, Jude my God will bless you, our God will bless you [expressing his heart filled with joy]
Stella: Amen ooo.
Ehe, brother, there's something I want to talk to you about.
Henry: What is it, you know you can talk to me about anything.
Stella: I was thinking if I can start hawking pure water.
Henry: What!!!!!..... No no no no!!!! No way. It's never gonna happen!
Stella: brother pleaseeee..... [Holding his hands], and am tired of staying home, let me do this pleaseee.
Henry: Am saving some money so that our can continue with school.
[Stella cut in]
Stella: No problem, brother I can still do it.
Henry: Stella, are you sure you can do this?
Stella: yes.
Henry: okay, but you must be care full ooo.
Stella: Thank you..
Henry: Hmmm.
Jude will be shown looking so unkempt, as he lied to his father that he got involved in a fight and the money was stolen.
Jude's Father: [looking as if he was going to devour jude] Jude, what did you say that happened?
Jude: [Acting oblivious] when I was going, I.. I...I..
 [Jude's Father cut in]
Jude's Father: you what!!!, say something before I commit murder here!!
Jude: I got into a fight, and he money got missen, papa, you are not even concerned about my cloth...
[Jude's Father cut in again]
Jude's Father: ComeOn will you keep quiet there, I would have loved it if they kill you and bring back my money, because you are very useless.
Jude: papa me am not useless ooo.
Jude's Father: ComeOne will get out of here before I do something stupid.
Jude run out of the scene.
Jude's Father: Can you imagine this imbecile.
Stella will be shown on the street hawking water, as she makes huge sales.
she comes back rejoicing, because she made a huge sales.
Henry: ah, Stella, this one you are dancing, I hope all is well.
Stella: I sold everything and added another one!
[Henry hugs her so tight]
Stella: brother, tomorrow is my birthday.
Henry: wow!.... Is true ooo, do you know that I almost forgot, don't worry we will celebrate it anyhow.
Let's go inside first and count the money. [As he holds her by the shoulder]
[Stella laughs]
Henry: Am really happy ooo.
Stella's birthday, there will be a bread on a chair to serve as the cake and 3sachet water by the side.
Frank and jude will be there as well.
Henry: where is Ken nah?
Frank: He traveled!
Jude: I don't even want him to be here before he spoils Stella's day.
Henry: Anyways, Stella you can cut your cake now.
Hip hip hip!!!!
As they all open the water pouring it to the air and eating the bread!
Henry and sister will be shown enjoying their day playing games.
Hide and seek.
Whot. Etc
All will be in ah slow motion.
Henry will be shown in a restaurant as a sales boy, there will be a missed money and he will be accused of taking it, therefore he will be sacked from there, Henry will be so confused about everything. But later the money will be found.
Madam: Hey you this boy, come here!!!!
Henry: yes madam.
Madam: So after picking you, you decided to start stealing from me right?
Immediately Henry will fall to his kneels pleading, crying and saying that he did not take any money. But all his plea will fall to a deaf ears.
Madam: Why are begging me, please... Please... Please, leave my shop I can't continue with a thief.
Henry: madam please!!!!
And that same day some guys collected Stella's money, the money she made that day and dealt with her, so she will be coming home crying.
Henry will come and meet her crying outside, as he rushes to her.
Henry: Stella what is the matter, what happened
[Stella crying endlessly]
And then she managed to say something.
On my way back... [Sniff]... Some boys dealt with me and collect my money.
Henry will feel very weak and helpless.
Henry: God!!!, what is really happening to us, no father, no mother, no uncle, no aunty and no one to help, the little one we have people won't till leave it for us, God why?.
[Stella still crying]
As Henry hold her close and tight.
Henry: it's okay... Don't cry!
Morning hours'
Stella got sick and can't go out.
Henry: Stella, your body temperature is high, what's wrong with you?
Stella: I don't know, I'm just feeling weak.
Henry: Weak, how comes, okay lemme go and work so that I can get money to buy you drugs. There's food in the plate make sure you eat ooo.
Henry will be shown pushing barrow in the market in other to get money to buy his sister drugs!
Frank, Jude will be shown at Henry's place, sitted and Henry's head facing down.
Jude: Henry, have you tried meeting that your aunty concerning Stella's sudden sickness?
Henry: That woman is really a devil, I don't want to meet her!
Frank: hmm. Had it been Ken, is in town, he would have help after all his father is wealthy.
Henry: I've spent all I have in drugs, my sister that use to lively, imagine now, she is the lying in there sick.
Frank, Jude am really confused, I don't know what to do and where to go.
Jude: I still suggest you meet that your aunty.
Henry: hmm. I can only go there if the both of you will agree to go with me.
Frank: no problem.
Jude: sure, what are friends for?..
Frank and Jude will be shown at Henry's house, as Henry knocks the door!
Henry's aunty: Yes.... Who is there?
Henry: Aunty, it's me Henry.
[She opens the door]
Henry: aunty good afternoon.
Henry's aunty: I thought I've warned you never to come to this house again?.
Henry: aunty please... Please... Please, my sister is sick and I've spent all I have on drugs. Aunty please help me, I don't want to loose my sister.
Henry's aunty:[Feeling pity for him] okay.. Don't worry she won't die, am coming.
[As she shut the door]
Jude: Henry you see, I told you, just calm down.
Frank: I just pray she helps.
[Henry cut in]
Henry: I just pray so..
Henry's aunty opens the door with a bucket of water and emptied it in them.
Henry's aunty: so you think this house is a bank where you can withdraw money abi.
Henry, Frank and Jude looking frustrated, speechless and confused.
Henry will be shown walking on the street frustrated and confused [as the song.. Do you know where you are going to plays..]
Henry and Jude will be shown at a building site, labouring as Frank rushed to them telling Henry that his sister is dying, Henry will discharge himself from the site and run as fast as his legs can carry him.
Getting home Henry will see his sister on the ground suffering and trying to survive. Henry will pick her from the ground, acting stranded and confused and not knowing what to do.
Henry: Stella... Stella... Stella... No no no.
Stella please don't do this to me please!
[Henry crying bitterly] as the song mirror plays!
Henry will be shown where he was about to take poison to kill himself.
*Flash Back*
Of Stella's birthday, Henry and Stella playing.
And back to normal, as he was about taking the poison, Jude and Frank will rescue him
Everyone in the script shown sitted, discussing about the movie as the director will notice henry to be sleeping for the past one hour, and he will scream his name to wake up. Henry will wake up and say so it's  was a dream .
The end!!



Script David Emole.

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David Emole
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Great work

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Frank. Henry. Jude and Men will be shown on the street coming back from a football game, [Frank will be holding the football].

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Michael Ibiam
4 months ago

Great story

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Oduola Oluwatobi
4 months ago

Great work

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Great work

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Great work

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Pitan Oluwatobi
4 months ago

Henrys dilemma

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Joy Habila
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All of them will face

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Bashar Ibrahim
4 months ago

great  work 

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Bello Umar
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A work like

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Ugwuanya Charles
4 months ago

Interesting story.nice write up

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Great story

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Nzeadibe Victor
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Good work and article

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Great work

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Do you know him

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Great work...fantastic

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Great idea

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Nzeadibe Victor
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Henry in deli mm a

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