Revealed: How Obiano Facilitated The Transfer Of James Nwafor Back To Awkuzu

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Let me rapidly explain that, the second happening to James Nwafor to AWKUZU Sars and how everything played out will come later. Let me focus on what happened inside the AWKUZU Sars as it concerns my occurrence. 

Following half a month of no complainant in my issue, James Nwafor was plainly disappointed with the case. He was specific on Peter Obi's scramble in obliterating my Upper class lodging. He said that in my quality. Delivering me from detainment is off on the grounds that how might Peter Obi clarify the inn destruction? Charging me to court is similarly an issue in light of the fact that there was no complainant. 

A little while into the mess, he rang me one morning and revealed to me that we planned to uncover the body of the individual that I murdered and covered. As we strolled towards the passage of AWKUZU Sars, I saw at least 100 Sars officials from various outlets of the outfit, completely reinforced and we started the development. 

We headed to 33 Nkwelle Ezunaka and we fanned into OTIGBA format. I actually couldn't assemble everything until we halted at a specific zone of the design and we as a whole descended. He drove myself and the group to a specific zone and pointed at a spot for burrowing. 

Out of nowhere my memory returned and I looked for his authorization to talk. It resembled a snapshot of quiet for the dolts. We currently have him , they might be thinking and I opened up. 

I said to them that, the body that they needed to unearth isn't at the very spot yet that it is inside the very region and potentially , the specific area might be inside the following compound. 

I currently opened up as follows. The name of the person that was covered in the very region is Mr Akas Orefo. He kicked the bucket in 1972 when I was 6 or 7 years and he worked for O.U.C.C. ( Onitsha metropolitan province chamber). I made them to comprehend that he functioned as ONYE OBULU NSI as we called them at that point . Can faces evacuation laborers. The explanation the family covered him in the very region is on the grounds that he experienced infection and he had no spouse nor kids. Strange notion assumed a job. 

I educated them that Mr Akas Orefo is from Nkwelle Ezunaka, Akpukwu family specifically and that it isn't in excess of 200 meters from the very region. I recorded his relations as follows: 

1. Mr Emmanuel Orefo ( Civil worker) 

2. Premise Orefo ( minister) 

3.Ifeka Orefo ( amount assessor) 

4. Charles Orefo 

5. Uzordimma Orefo. 

I elected to take the group to their particular houses at Akpukwu fellow that isn't in excess of 200 meters from where we were. The quiet was all out. James Nwafor at that point asked me how I realized all that I said and I reacted as follows; 

I made him to comprehend that a large portion of my landed properties are from Akpukwu family. In 2008 , the chairmanship of the fellow was in question between one John Anyakora and Nnanyelugo Peter ILobi . While trying to outline Peter Ilobi with a homicide case, John Anyakora composed a request to drive central command Abuja blaming Peter lLobi for homicide. He claimed that the individual he killed was covered in the very region that we are in. The IPO'S name that originated from Abuja for the examination is DSP Dada. James Nwafor inquired as to whether I referenced Dsp Dada I reacted in the positive. 

He at that point moved to one side and began settling on decisions. Following a great deal of minutes , he returned and his face changed and he moved the group once more. I later settled that, James knew Dada and all the subtleties I gave offset with what Dsp Dada let him know. 

At that point, the majority of the Junior officials were not, at this point glad by any means. His representative Sunday Okpe resembled, what are my doing here? 

James Nwafor currently took us to another design inverse OTIGBA format NKWELLEEZUNAKA. We halted at an enormous property with a high divider and we as a whole landed. Is this not my property James asked me and I said no. He delayed a few minutes and rehashed his inquiry and I said no. I at that point advised him to connect with the director of the format he will have the option to know. 

Then the property is walled with Gate. Feeling baffled, he requested the officials to slow down one segment of the divider and we entered. He took us to one more spot and the burrowing began. It didn't get to a profundity of not multiple feet and a body was unearthed. He pivoted and asked me what do I need to state. 

I initially revealed to him that, my property was confused with the body planting. The proprietor of the property might have clarified better. I currently watched the uncovered body and I said as follows; 

1. The water confirmation that was utilized to wrap the body was basically new while the body is exceptionally old. 

2. What it implies is that, the body was not covered with the new waterproof abinitio . The body came free of the waterproof. The body was uncovered some place and the waterproof was purchased to wrap it for the motivations behind what it was expected for. 

3. I at that point advised the assembled officials to investigate the rope that tied up the hands of the cadaver together. The rope was extremely close on the bones. In the event that the individual had his options all limited up before being murdered and thinking about the long periods of the cadaver, the rope should be lose and not to be tight against the crude bones on the grounds that as the tissue rots, the rope will losen and not fix against the bones. Numbskulls. 

The loss of intrigue got absolute among the lesser officials. It stayed like that until I left the AWKUZU Sars. 

As we drove back, as opposed to the guidance, the Officer sitting close to me eliminated my bind right to AWKUZU. 

James Nwafor's disappointment got all out after the outing. Inn has been quickly destroyed by Peter Obi and charging me to court stays a tough undertaking . Delivering me stays off in light of the fact that it will negate the reasons Peter Obi gave for my lodging destruction. James was left with the cash he was paid to ensure that I pass on at the AWKUZU Sars. 

Diminish Obi's tricky inclination to consistently evade similarly didn't improve the situation for James Nwafor. 

The following page will manage Willie Obiano's part in the second happening to James Nwafor to AWKUZU Sars and a few insights concerning Peter Obi over the episode. 




Because of WILLIE OBIANO. 


Confronted with no complainant and to deliver us will be a deadly humiliation to Peter Obi on account of his flurry in annihilating UPPER CLASS HOTEL, James called up Dr Justin Nwankwo and myself one morning for court. 

Like I expressed before, we were charged for murdering one Nnaelue Okafor and remanded in the jail. We consequently destroyed the entire contraption by finding the guardians of the Very Nnaelue Okafor at Ifite Ogwari town with the assistance of one Mr Odogwu blog situated in Awka and Okechukwu Nwanguma of NOPRIN . The mother of the expired filled an affirmation in court expressing that, the child Nnaelue Okafor was the MASSOB leader at Silas works Fegge Onitsha who was captured by the AWKUZU Sars on the 29th of April 2013 and that she never observed her child till date . She referenced how she gave her homestead produce to a Sars official at AWKUZU to empower the arrival of the child. On the off chance that the child was delivered, the bail bond for the very delivery ought to be offered. 

It ended up that, the very Sars official she was giving her ranch produce, was similarly our own IPO . Do the trick to state that the police and the state government vanished after that. 

At the point when we emerged from jail, the invasion on James Nwafor and AWKUZU Sars started right away. Pardon worldwide moored by one Damian Ugwu, the cosmically tough Okechukwu Nwanguma of NOPRIN, the ever difficult Justus Uche Ijeoma, Dr Justin Nwankwo and myself delivered all the Cylinders on AWKUZU Sars and James Nwafor. 

This prompted a BBC African center program by the Amnesty worldwide. Justin Nwankwo included in the program were he portrayed our experience in the possession of Csp James Nwafor. Aljazeera news network broadcasted Justin Nwankwo's introduction of our case deliberately. 

Not long from that point forward, a similar Amnesty worldwide encouraged a world question and answer session at Abuja with the police progressive system in participation . Casualties of James Nwafor portrayed their trial before the world. After the public interview, James Nwafor was moved to Bauchi state from AWKUZU Sars. 

We kept a tab on his development. Not long after, we got a data that he has been moved to Enugu state from Bauchi state and Willie Obiano was behind the exchange. Before you know it, He was once again at AWKUZU Sars praise of Willie Obiano. 

It was Justus Ijeoma that called me one early morning to reveal to me that James is once again at AWKUZU Sars and I didn't trust it. I at that point called my contact official at the spot and he similarly revealed to me that he was eating rice in his office. We in this manner returned to the channels once more with Justus driving the invasion. Inside the very period, Willie Obiano kept on protecting him. In the long run he was taken out again and just for him to reemerge as a SSA to Willie Obiano on security after retirement. 

Prior to at that point, on the 26th of December 2016, Igwe Godfrey Ezechukwu, the Okwuluora of Umuchu sent one Ichie Mathias Ekeariri to welcome me to his castle. At the point when I arrived, he educated me that Victor Umeh went to his castle and grumbled that I was upsetting the individual the state government welcome to battle wrongdoing in the state by name James Nwafor. He helped Victor Umeh to remember the shamefulness I endured and the relationship he had with my dad and the need to address the bad form. 

At that point, at a memorial service event at Umuchu and Victor Umeh was available, one Onunkwo Ikenga Tony took the receiver and approached Victor Umeh to mediate in the foul play against me. 

A few days after, Victor Umeh masterminded a gathering between myself , Willie Obiano and himself at the administration house. Willie Obiano inquired



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