Remember The SARS Commander Accused Of Selling Human Body Parts? See What Happened to Him

By Okeke Kosiso Chiemelie   3 days ago   146
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Governor Obiano has vowed to look at the various charges against retired Commander of SARS in the Anambra state of Akwuzu, James Nwafor. The charges included extortion and extrajudicial assassinations.

James Nwafor began trouble when his sister discovered his handle on Twitter by the username "Obianuju."



Chijioke pictured above.

Obianuju then accused the SARS Commander in charge of the case, CSP James, of his role in the assassination of her brother Chijioke.

"James Nwafor" is the former SARS officer involved in the claims.




Remarking the supposed pride of her Family by the former policeman who is nicknamed "CspJamesNwafor," The Names of her Family

Obianuju said, "Today I discovered @CspJamesNwa, because my brother's man is on Tweet. He's killed for fun and he claims he's untouchable." He's not touched by this bird, he says.







"The next day this animal tells you blankly that he killed my brother and they should do their worst! Obianuju also alleged Nwafor admitted killing her brother!" My mother collapsed and went to hospital instantly and this animal is worth death! "She wrote." She has written.




Another Twitter, called "Savn Daniel',' claimed that during Nwafor's tenure as the SARS CSP in Awkuzu, James Nwafor sold the bodies of suspects who were reportedly murdered out of court.

Daniel wrote that he had allegedly killed over 6,000 people in Anambra. Private inquiries revealed he was VEELING HUMAN PARTS TO SOME POLICE and MONEY RITUALISTS.

But the whereabouts of Chijoke concern us. James needs to produce it DEAD OR ALIVE.




The Nigerian Police Force Review Unit "@PoliceNG CRU" not long after the accusation was raised, acknowledged the complaint and assigned the tracking number to # CRU205654.

But Nwafor disabled his Twitter profile for a while.




James Nwafor recently came back on Twitter after the heat of the charges. See his profile below on Twitter







On Nwafor's Twitter-based profile he wrote, "Anambra State State government Senior Special Assistant (ANSG) for Special Supervision Protection." However, it changed, as Governor Obiano said today: "Secondly, James Nwafor, the former Anambra State OC SARS is being sacked and prosecuted;

Thirdly, I am going to make sure the Presidency is doing what is needed to make our youth, Ndi Anambra and our nation live better.

Long Live Anambra Youths“







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I am first to see gud news

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Nhd jjgd bfdh hgd

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Be fitted 

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Wicked sars ooo

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some people are heartless oh.God of mercy

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Hmmmmm this is bad

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3 days ago

It is everything

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Adifue Mercy
3 days ago

Very ugly wicked man

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Not so good of u guy
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Aminu Kabir
3 days ago

I know this guy

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Godiya Peter
3 days ago

Kill am straight.... 

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Handle him very well 

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Human part.............!

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SARS celling human body parts 

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Very bad country

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Eric Director
3 days ago

What a news 📰 

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SARS officer involved in selling human part?What a shameful act by a law enforcement officer. Shame shame shame, shame to all defunct SARS.

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Ewuru Glory
3 days ago

He should be killed

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A whole human parts

That's serious

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Alex Markus
3 days ago

Wat a pity

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