Fiction: A Lady Insulted a Beggar on the Street Not Knowing He Was Her Lost Twin Brother

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This is a story of a lady that insulted a beggar on the street not knowing he was her lost brother. It is a Fictitious piece and as such images, names and places mentioned are products of the writer's imagination. Don't take any of them like a real life event.



In a community known as Igbege, there lived a family that was known for peace and harmony. The family comprised of a man called Adeogu and his wife Mercy with their two kids(twins, boy and girl). Adeogu was a very hardworking man, he made sure everything his wife needed to take care of their twins were provided.


The twins were just 1 year old when a catastrophe befell the community. There was inter-communal differences that led to a sort of war that disorganised everything including the family of Adeogu. It disorganised his family in the sense that as they were relocating from one place to another, his son got lost in the process, he was said to have left the house and probably kidnapped by someone because he was still learning how to walk then and their mum was preparing food in the kitchen.




Used to Illustrate Twins



Their son whose name is Dennis, left the house and got kidnapped by a man whose means of livelihood was selling children during the conflict. He immediately kidnapped the child and sold him to a man called Adekola. Adekola was a single man who had made a decision never to marry but his love for children made him to buy Dennis from the baby seller and kidnapper. He trained the child till he got to 13 years but along the line, he lost his life due to some health complications.


When he died, Dennis thought his life had ended, he suffered for the remaining days of his life till the age of 18. Due to how tough even having one square meal became for him, he started begging and begging, infact Dennis became a professional beggar on the street. Then the community was no longer having wars and issues, Adeogu and his wife even after many years didn't stop the search for their lost son. Though they did this in silence but the driving force that kept them going was the baby girl they still had.


One day, as Lizzy (the girl) was coming back from school, she saw a beggar who immediately got connected to her, infact Dennis felt she would be a kind lady, so he approached her for some money to buy food and Lizzy being a lady in her prime blatantly insulted Dennis. She cursed Dennis so badly that he had a rethink about his life and at that moment got sad and started remembering his past life i.e. when he was still enjoying and going to school.




Luck however caught up with him, when the man that stole him fell sick with an unknown illness. He suspected he was going to die, so he asked his children to take him to Adeogu's house. When they got there, he confessed and also directed them to where their child was. Lizzy was very excited that she was finally going to meet her twin brother, only to be shown the beggar she had insulted as her twin brother. She immediately felt sorry for herself, she was totally devastated because the boy she insulted turned out to be her own twin brother.


We have come to the end of this story, hope you enjoyed it? What lessons did you learn from the story? Drop in the comment section and follow the handle. Thanks.


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Make sense

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Arinze Nneji
3 weeks ago

This world no balance oo

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ME? I will forgive her immediately.

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Major Miracle
3 weeks ago

God is great

So lady's should learn how to talk to any body 

The see any where

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Dauda Mamuda
3 weeks ago

Abadai ancibaya

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No be everybody u see u go insult 🙂

U no no ur destiny helper abi ur bro 

So this life be very careful n watchful

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